‘Smiles’ is a specially crafted programme designed for infants keeping in mind that the first step towards an environment away from home is one that needs to be held with soft hands of the parents on one side and the educators on the other. SMILES – enables the infants to get a feel of a new environment – and helps them to see a new world with peers of the same age group – a World of Amazement.

The Key Purpose of this programme is to settle the infant in an environment away from the comfort of their Home – which becomes critical for their adaptability in the further Programmes.

Along with the settlement of the infant the school environment helps them come in cognizance with a learning environment.

The Activities in this programme are mostly :

Free Play


Scribble Time

Level One of Fine Motor Skill Activity

Water & Sand Play

Inquisitiveness is a Child’s Armor – And that’s What we nurture is their Very Own Planet PLUTO ! Right from the moment that the child is born – their senses start exploring the world around them and it’s this exploration that becomes a journey for them in these early learning days – which as per modern research the most important formative years of a child.

The Programme for Play Group has been hand crafted with years of Experience supported by Real Learning Guides from the disciplines that guide the education of this age. This forms the very first formal step of education for the child and PLUTO curriculum ensures that every aspect is taken care in the right manner.

The Key Purpose of this Programme would be to :

Develop A Learning Environment for the Child

Expose the Child to sensory skill development

Develop Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Introduce the concept of Shapes, Different Types of Animals, Transport, Flowers, Birds and so on

Acquaint them to Scribbling

Open up a new language [English] for communication

Introduce Two Syllable Words  And much more…

The Activities in this Programmes are mostly :

Free Play

Sensory Activity

Creative Crafts

Scribble Art

Picture Books

Water & Sand Play

Fine & Gross Motor Skill Development

Rhyme Time & Story Time

Celebrating Different Festivals

Puppet Shows And So on

This is where the introduction to real learning takes form – Nursery is where steps of learning are introduced to the child. The PLUTO Curriculum ensures that the Quality of the Early Childhood education is in perfect sync with the needs of learning of Today along with the overall development of the Child.

The Algorithm is well defined – so that every child in PLUTO Nursery is embedded with the right knowledge that would form the basis of education in the days to come. Nursery forms the foundation days that readies a child for school and hence it is essential that all the right skills are taught to the child in the same.

Also, as per the National Education Policy 2020 – the First Phase of the Foundation Stage of education is defined as the age of 3 to 6 years – wherein the education of classes Nursery to Senior KG is programmed.

The Key Purpose of the Programme would be to :

The Activities in this Programmes are mostly :

  • Enable the child to Communicate on its own
  • Ensure the child is able to express itself in the right manner
  • The Skills of Math & Language are developed
  • Alphabet & Number recognition
  • Introduce the child to writing
  • Pattern writing and thereafter writing alphabets & numbers
  • Free Play
  • Field Trips
  • Creative Craft Time
  • Pattern Writing
  • Letter & Number Writing
  • Celebration oriented introduction
    of Festivals
  • Further development of Motor Skills
  • Introduction to Relevant Books
    And so on

The Key Purpose of the
Programme would be to:

A 3600 development of the child including social and emotional development

Math & Language readiness

Orientation of Language & Phonics

Theme based learning

PLUTO offers the programme for
both junior KG & Senior KG.

Junior KG – 3.5 Years to 4.5 Years

Senior KG – 4.5 Years t o 5.5 years

The Kindergarten forms the very base post which the child takes its first step towards Primary school or as per the new NEP-2020 the second stage of Foundational stage.

Hence – the Kindergarten curriculum is prepared and taught as per the guidelines that would prepare the child for stepping into the next level of Primary Education. Various activities are carried out to ensure overall development of the child so that the child is prepared for the next level of education.

The vibrant teaching staff of the organization are not only qualified and experienced - but they are highly driven for the cause of Love for their little pupils - as they take the first few steps in this world of education !!!

The School environment is created in a manner so that the kids have a fun based learning experience and the individual care devoted to each student assures of their hearty interest in the initial steps of learning that they take.

The various environments of development clubbed with activities give them a true planet of their own !!! PLUTO encourages regular interaction between the parent and the teacher for an informative exchange on the kid's development to the parent. Besides a scheduled quarterly parent teacher meet - PLUTO always encourage parents to come up and know about the kids development as frequently as they would desire.

Admission @ Play School

Admissions at PLUTO are Open all through the year. Ideally when a child attains the age of 18 months - it is all set to take the first step of learning by enrolling into Play Group !!!

All school related information, Holiday list and other important information is mentioned in the School Diary which the parents are requested to review on regular basis.

Parents May Download the Admission Form or Collect the same from the School Office.

At the time of admission parents are required to provide the following Documents :

Photo copy of birth certificate

4 copies of passport size photograph of the child

1 copy of passport size photograph of each parent

1 copy of address proof of parents

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