PLUTO believes engaging kids of this era is not what it used to be a decade back. The Challenge is to create something more engaging & more interesting than what they get to see on screen !!!

And That’s where PLUTO says –

PLUTO has two broad classification of the Activity World


After School Activity {Homework Help}

PLUTO conducts classes for the students of Class I to Class IV – wherein kids can come in and get the assistance of the Educators of PLUTO is revising and doing their given school work


PLUTO Tuitions – are been conducted by teachers with ample experience to handle the child as per age group.


Small Groups of Kids of the same class are created so that the Educator can give direct attention to each and every child – exactly for what they are been sent to the Tuitions – rather than been hoarded into huge groups.


For Higher Classes – V – VIII – PLUTO Offers Professional Tuitions – under guidance from teachers of reputed schools.


‘Art & Craft’ is passe

Kids seldom find interest in scribbling crayons on paper for 8 days in a month. The same is with crafts – as they alone do not create the interest required to hold onto the child’s interest.

So, PLUTO offers courses based on sessions – like 20 sessions spread across 2 months of Fun & Frolic and Mix of Creative Art, Fun Crafts, Eager Learner Stories, Express Yourself sessions and so on.

Fantastic Phonics

Phonics today have become the base of English learning for small kids – which helps them to spell out bigger words on their own as they are confident of the basics. In these 20 thoughtfully crafted sessions PLUTO offers various activities to develop the PHONICS learning of the child.

Grip Development &

Writing Practice

In the early days the child often finds it very difficult to have the proper Grip and for which it finds scribbling or later writing to be a difficult task. In order for the child to develop these skills at the correct age – PLUTO has designed special learning sessions which will ensure that they develop the right skill to write ! Various Montessori apparatus are used to improve their gripping powers.

Workshops with Hands

On Activities

A mix bag with various Hands On Activities to engage the Kids with something that they will Love while they Learn. Varying activities from gross motor skill development, to creative worksheets, fun with colours to activities with Montessori apparatus – make the sessions worthwhile and engaging.

English Enhancement

We at PLUTO feel that the Kids of today have exceptional power to grasp – far better than what it was for their parents [lets accept it ]. So – when they are in this early age – if we can give them the right platform to enhance their English Skills – in every aspects of Reading, Writing & Expressing themselves – we in a way build their confidence to reach out to the world – and express freely.

Properly Planned Sessions by the PLUTO Experts – comprising session of 20 classes – help them learn in a age appropriate manner and improve all their communication skills.

Maths Enhancement

Maths is FUN – if the concepts are right – and it starts early. Online Learning is Good – but at this early stages – Hand held way of imparting Knowledge is the Best !

PLUTO – offers various – age appropriate Maths Enhancement sessions – comprising of various number of classes – crafted to improve upon the skills that will build the confidence of the little ones to take up Maths with the Right Confidence.

Music Classes

PLUTO believes Music lessons helps to develop concentration in Kids – so not only do they learn an instrument – but also this effective utilization of time to work upon their ability to concentrate – reflects on the other activities including studies. For details on classes offered please contact the respective centres.

Dance Classes

Early learners find this to be one of the most engaging activities – and have crafted the same to offer a wide range to choose from Classical to Zumba ! SO as per their interest they can choose a particular one or a mix. Dance keeps them Active & Fit !

Fitness Freaks

PLUTO believes that Fitness in Kids of today is of quintessential importance and hence have crafted a FITNESS SESSION – which one can choose from 3-5 days per week. A mix of various interesting activities Zumba, Yoga, Free dance, Free Play, Exercise and much more – make it like unending fun for the young Fitness Freaks !!!

Indoor Game Session

Are we crazy ? Yes we at PLUTO are Crazy about Keeping our Kids away from Gadgets and engaged in real good old games ! PLUTO offers various Indoor Games which help the Kids develop memory power, concentration, bond with fellow friends and much more.

Overall PLUTO believes that Activities today form are an important part of the Kids life – as this ensures they stay away from gadgets – get engaged in real activities and games

So Wait no more – ENROL NOW

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