Well – PLUTO is a Planet that too on our own Earth – where only one thing matters – the smile of the little ones – the beaming true smiles that light up the Planet with warmth & love ever since it was set in to its first revolution in the month of May, 2009.

Today, PLUTO is one of the leading Play Schools conceptualized with a vision to strike the right balance between the methodical Montessori education processes and the individual potential & learning capability of every kid for their paced enrichment in every aspect of development. PLUTO puts in every effort to balance the thin line of methodical education matched with the care for every child.

Evolving through the years PLUTO has been the preferred planet for hundreds of little PLUTO-rians. Its strength and liking has been on the rise with every passing day. It’s the most loved & preferred zone for the toddlers.

PLUTO has seen its little flowers blooming in many of the top schools of the city today.


PLUTO most probably has one of the youngest leadership in the world of early childhood education. Heading the entire organization is "Somedutta Mukherjee", Founder Principal.

The professionalism with which she has been running the organization from the age of 23 years with a sole motif of LOVE for Children and their all-round development is widely acknowledged and praised.


The very simple reason is that the Love that PLUTO showers on every child is cocooned with the learning skills that Pluto installs in every child which forms the base of their learning in the days to come.

Today the Stars of Pluto are shining bright in the leading schools of the city – and to name a few of them


Every PLUTO centre is designed to ensure it provides the best environment to every kid that steps in.

They are spacious, lively and designed to create that child friendly ambience which will make the Kids Learning environment a place of Fun.

Safety & Hygiene is always the primary focus of every centre. Utmost care is taken to ensure that every bit of the centres are as safe as the child’s home.

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