Admissions at PLUTO are all through the year.
Ideally when a child attains the age of 18 months - it is all set to take the first step of learning !!!
This is the ideal age for the kids to start early and accustom to the learning environment.

The admission for Day Care is from the age of Six months.
At the time of admission parents are required to provide the following Documents :
  Photo copy of Birth Certificate
  2 Copies of Photograph of the child
  1 copy of Photograph of each parent
  1 Copy of Address proof of parents

Every PLUTO kid is provided with:
  School Bag
  School Uniform
  School Diary
  School Books
  School Work Sheets
  School ID
  Stationeries- colouring box, pencil, eraser, sharpener
    at the time of admission.

All school related information, Holiday list and other important 
information is mentioned in the School Diary which the parents are requested to review on regular basis.